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  • IMPORTANT- Times are a Changin’
  • After more than six years of blogging hunts and hunting information here at bowhunting road We are making some major changes beginning January 1. This ...READ MORE

  • The Challenges of Bow Hunting
  • November has came and went, another long year of anticipation and anxiety awaits us. What a month it has been for archery hunters throughout the count ...READ MORE

  • VIDEO: Fat bikes and hunting
  • Just finished this short video. These bikes really change everything for public land hunting.

  • Back home and in the deer
  • I arrived home to a pile of work and found a yearling 8-point buck chasing a doe all over my food plot yesterday. Checking my cameras, I was surprised ...READ MORE

  • Heart Shot #2
  • A cool north wind was blowing pretty strong when I stepped out of the motel room this morning. That's perfect for where I was going. I got settled int ...READ MORE

  • Finally Hunting
  • These trips always seem to have some drama attached. Last night I called Walmart and asked what time their auto department opens. I was told 7:00 whic ...READ MORE

  • Productive day in Kansas
  • I arrived in Southern Kansas last night after a 19 hour drive that was mostly uneventful other than having a flat tire in some small town in Nebraska. ...READ MORE

  • Buck in the truck and headed to Kansas
  • November 3, 10:00 p.m. Well we just got done getting a buck out of the bush. It’s a crazy story but bear with me. First of all the wind was great for ...READ MORE

  • Ups and downs
  • November 2, 2016 6:00 a.m. MISSED I’m angry with myself for blowing my best chance at shooting a mature buck here in Manitoba. The Heavy 10 was consis ...READ MORE

  • Lots of action to start off
  • [caption id="attachment_122100" align="alignright" width="300"] Broken 9[/caption] October 31, Noon I arrived here in Manitoba and settled into the fa ...READ MORE

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About the Bowhunting Road

The website you are viewing began as a blog about the hunting adventures of Bernie Barringer, a well-travelled bowhunter. It has grown into a full website with more bloggers and a lot of resources and information for the archer who travels beyond the borders of his/her home state to hunt.

Not only do we provide you with great daily commentaries about where and when we are hunting, but we also provide you with a lot of information to help you follow your own dreams of bowhunting in new and exciting places. Spend some time looking around, and be sure to subscribe for updates and a chance to win one of many great prizes. Thanks for following us on the Bowhunting Road, and I trust you will see that being a regular here will add a lot to your knowledge of how to put more game on the ground!

Jon and Sarah

We are very excited to be team members of The Bowhunting Sarah and I met in 1996. I was working as a natural resource aide in a Iowa state park. While patrolling the park after the 10:30 PM closing time, I located Sarah and friends in the park after hours. The rest is history. While I was pursuing a career in natural resources, Sarah was completing her college education at Southern Illinois/Carbondale.

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Bernie Barringer

Bernies-Buck-Big-300x205Bernie began bowhunting in 1973 as a 14-year-old. This became a lifelong addiction. For more than 40 years, he has pursued small game, whitetails and bears across the Midwest, but he is expanding his experiences to include other species in other parts of North America.

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Ben Bruno

I love to hunt whitetails! Whether it be chasing whitetails around the woods of Maine or sitting on a cornfield in the midwest, I am doing what I love. When it comes to hunting, they are what drives me. I have all but given up most of my other hobbies, directing most of my efforts towards bowhunting these majestic animals.

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